Master - Lets start a war

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Re-release of the 2002 album "Let´s start a War" incl. the "Follow your Savior" EP as bonus tracks. Comes in limited Digipack version with new cover and layout and totally re-mastered! “Let’s Start A War” turns out to be a rather old-fashioned sounding Death Metal CD with a reasonable amount of influences from Paul’s old favorites Motorhead and Black Sabbath. This is very well recognizable in songs like “Miss Misery” and “Protége”. The CD contains fast parts also (Watch What You Wish For) and in “Purchase A New Handgun” you can even hear some blues. The sound of this album is raw and that is exactly what it needs.

1. Cast One Vote 02:14
2. American Freedom 03:45
3. Miss Misery 03:20
4. Dictators 04:24
5. Let's Start A War 03:02
6. Protege 04:18
7. Every Dog Has Its Day 03:25
8. Command Your Fate 03:21
9. Purchase A New Handgun 04:44
10. Watch What You Wish For 04:44
11. Disturbed 02:42
bonus: Follow Your Savior EP 2001
12. Command Your Fate 03:21
13. Let's Start A War 02:57
14. Follow Your Savior 03:33